VIP Opal Mining Experience

This VIP package is for those who want to experience the thrill of being an opal miner for the day. An experience you’ll never forget and can tell all your mates about.

What you receive

  • Plot size – Square yard
  • 25 year lease of real opal mine
  • Your choice of three (3) opal fields in Lightning Ridge
  • Personalised Certificate proving ownership of your lease
  • Mining tag with engraved coordinates to your chosen opal field
  • Ornamental tube filled with beautiful opal chips or a collectors style truck with opal chips
  • A One (1) Year Supporters Membership with Lightning Ridge Miners’ Association
  • All sealed in a Black Opal Arcade cylinder

The Opal Mining Experience

  • Watch as your opal miner extracts the sample from your square yard using a prospect drill
  • Your sample will be removed and transported to a washing plant where the opal clay will be processed
  • Experience the full ‘tailout’ –  the most exciting part of sorting and searching for the exclusive black opal gemstone.
  • If your sample produces opal, we can cut and price your find.

AUD $4600