Black Opal

Here's where excitement meets
danger on a quest to find precious
opal gems in outback Australia.

Our experience in the opal industry
extends to prospecting, drilling, sorting,
cutting, polishing, pricing and selling.

We can arrange transport and
accommodation to Lightning Ridge
if you want to visit your leased land.


Who Are We?

Ken, our experienced opal miner of 30 years and his partner Tara, manage Black Opal Arcade. They have a passion for life, opal and each other.

There’s plenty of stories out at The Ridge but they say their love story is the best one.

They believe that life is an adventure and want others to experience the thrill of chasing the chance to strike it rich in opal.

the unique gift of an opal mining adventure

Our unique gifts and experiences are perfect for that special someone who has everything.

You or someone special can become an owner of a 25-year lease of a opal claim in Lightning Ridge, Australia with a chance to strike it rich.

Our offers include personalised opal mine lease ownership certificates and full VIP opal mining experiences.

Purchase for yourself or gift to someone special.

Certificate signed by a real outback Opal Miner

Unique-Gifts-Welcome-to-Lightning Ridge

Our Location

Our head office is located in Lightning Ridge, New South Wales, Australia.

Our distribution centre is located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.