Buy your square foot opal claim at Allahs rush if you prefer

Coocoran opal field is located 20 km West of Lightning Ridge and have no real settlement. This area is known for their nobbies with brilliant colours. It was discovered in the early 1990s. It is the biggest and richest field in history, with more than 40 productive rushes, in turn making many new millionaires.

Allah’s rush is the richest and most well- known area on the Coocoran opal field. It was named after a Muslim mechanic, and the field brought many new people from all around the world.

The very productive field and weak laws for trespassing and stealing opened the door for new criminal activity in organised “ratting”. Ratters could easily enter a mine and find huge amounts of money. The hard working miner had problems to protect himself from this problem since the remote area had no security, and they were often by themselves. Very rarely did the police catch these thieves. Small vigilante groups are now trying to scare the “ratters” off. Allahs magnificent opals are found very deep, close to 25 metres. On this field, the roof and walls often “talk” to you, which is the sign of a grave threat for a miner’s life.


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