We offer you a square foot opal claim on Mulgas rush

Grawin is a small community with tin shacks and houses built with homemade mud bricks and rocks. It is the heart of seam opal surrounded by other fields like Sheepyards, Carters and Glenn Gary. You can find small bush pubs around the fields who give this area a nice outback atmosphere. The main rush had its peak here in the 1970s.

Mulgas rush is a field in the Grawin area and was discovered in late 1999. This area was the centre of a major rush with more than 500 mineral claims being granted. The rush was so intense that many miners were fighting for claims on this field. There are still fiery disputes going through court today. Mulgas is still producing top quality seam opals.

The main road running across the ridges between Grawin and Sheepyard became the centre of Mulgas rush. For many years, hundreds of miners used this road daily, without knowing the potential of this ground. Finally, it made a few diggers walk away as millionaires.

Problems in retrieving the opals from under the road, where no mining equipment was allowed, were solved by digging in from the claims next door. The agreements that were made behind closed doors to reach the opals often turned into broken deals and promises.


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