The population of this township situated 760 km North West of Sydney in NSW (New South Wales) is always a big question mark, since the luck seeking opal miners come and go. When entering the town, you will find a population sign stating “Lightning Ridge?”. However, there are approximately 3,000-5,000 people living here. The variety of nationalities is huge, where most of the citizens are from a European background.

Lightning Ridge sits on what is believed to be excellent opal bearing grounds. Mining inside the town’s boundary has been forbidden for a long time. No one really knows how much work has been done here, where people often make jokes about the town collapsing.
Lightning Ridge sees more than 90,000 visitors per year, either looking for their fortune, fossicking for fun or just relaxing and taking the opportunity to learn what an outback mining town really is like. Today, the town boasts great accommodation facilities, an endless array of souvenir and gift shops, good restaurants and the very impressive water fun park, including an Olympic size swimming pool and a theme park for the kids. Not to be missed is the town’s hot water spring, where the water temperature is around 40°C year-round.

There is no ground water in Lightning Ridge, so the town water is pumped from the Artesian Basin 3,000 feet below. The annual events that you do not want to miss are the town’s Opal Festival. The great goat race and bull riding at Easter. In July, you can participate in the Opal and Gem Expo.

The climate here is extremely dry and the horrendous heat is very intense between November and March, where you will experience more than 40°C in the shade. More pleasant times of the year for visiting Lightning Ridge can be had between April and October. There is no rain to speak of since only 60 days per year have some kind of rainfall at all. November to January can bring quick showers and massive rainstorms.


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